Welcome to Priest.org

We know God is always calling those to serve Him, but through all the noise and distraction of our digital world, how can men hear His voice? And when they do, what comes next? Where do they go to follow where that voice leads them?

Taking seriously our role as laity in the Church, and deeply concerned about the current crisis in priestly vocations, we are launching an initiative to help foster men’s vocation to the priesthood, diaconate, and religious life. Employing the skills we are expert in, we are developing an online service whose mission is to bring vocation awareness to men of all ages, educate them on diocesan and community options, offer information and tools for discernment, and connect them to existing resources.

Our program, www.Priest.org, will encompass all the facets of a complete vocations outreach program. The face of it will employ the latest digital, marketing, web, graphic design, and data-driven tools. The heart of it will beat with the timeless and eternal message of the joy and beauty of living as a priest for Christ.

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